Efzeg is a five piece group from Austria, who a wide combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, including guitars, laptops and turntables. Much of their work, if not all, is generated during live concerts, in which they also use live generated visuals. The six pieces on this CD were recorded during two concerts, but mixed later on.

As noted on their previous CDs, aswell as on some of the solo work by some of the members (Boris Hauf, Martin Siewert and Burkhard Stangl) they move along a fine line of delicate crackle, in combination with acoustic guitar strumming and digitally processed streams of sound. In "Riss" it takes quite some time to built it up, but towards the end things collapse in a big way.

This is music that needs time to unfold itself, from the point of musicians aswell as from the point of the listener. Each time you hear this, you will discover new, small particles and that's where the excitement of this CD lies: it works well on both a superficial level, but also on the small scale. The enclosed quicktime movie is alright, but a bit too short, certainly concerning the music of it. Here Efzeg is a bit more noiser and the development is less, but it gives a good impression of the concert situation.

Frans de Waard

vital weekly, number 435, week 33