a third album and a third record label for efzeg who, after giving birth to cds on durian and grob, come to christof kurzmann 's charhizma label to release würm . previously in charge of the group's live visuals, billy roisz is now credited for "electronic and acoustic instruments," just like boris hauf, martin siewert, burkhard stangl and dieb13. the music is slightly more dynamic than on boogie; it sounds like microsonics remain the prime focus of the group yet it has become less necessary to prove that point. and so some of the filtered folk influences found in some of stangl 's solo projects and in siewert 's trio trapist occasionally worm their way into the music. and some of dieb13 's turntable work escalates to noisy heights. but most of the music sticks to quiet pastures, where the distinction between acoustic and electronic instruments loses its meaning, where high-pitched tones slowly fading in are an endless source of poetry, where seemingly trivial sound gestures coalesce into abstract music of gripping beauty. "günz dus" is one of the group's best improvisations to date, enigmatic and fragmented. "mindel ena" features steve heather on drums, adding a rambunctious touch that forces the quintet out of its comfort zone. the six-minute finale, "würm," is a wonderful soundscape of high-pitched tones, strummed guitars, and crackling electronics. an extra two-minute track, "schicht" is included as a quicktime video with visuals by roisz. würm may not be as striking as the previous two albums, but it remains a strong effort. --

françois couture , all music guide review